Superfans Super tractor

Whitehaven diehard Shaun Drinkwater has been an active fundraiser for the club for many years and this time his fantastic fundraising efforts during the Covid lockdown period has seen the club be able to purchase a new tractor for the club's ground staff. Pictured is Shaun and Simon Taylor handing over the keys to Tommy Johnstone and Howard Robinson of the ground staff with club chairman Tommy Todd also in attendance. Missing from the photo are Stan Greaves, Jack Seeds and Bewley Pattinson

On the new tractor groundsman Tommy Johnson had this to say "On behalf of myself and the grounds staff I would like to put on record my appreciation of the support and gratitude to the fundraisers who have enabled us to upgrade our machinery".

The club has benefited from around £20k alone from Shaun's fundraising efforts over the last few years, which is an amazing amount. Shaun and Simon still have ongoing fundraising activities, the latest being 'Six of the Best' which fans can join by contacting Shaun or Simon on Facebook. The latest winner of this won £200 prize-money so its well worth entering. Shaun and Simon also intend on running the 300 club once again for the 2021 season, details of which will be out in the near future.