RIP Jimmy

It is with the deepest shock and sadness that the club has heard this morning of the passing of Jimmy Clements. Shock being an understatement. Where does one start to talk about Jimmy? His love of W.R.L.F.C. was boundless, his whole life outside his family was wrapped up in the club. He would try and do anything anyone asked him if he could, and no matter how bad things might be Jimmy would never criticise the club. He was a fixture on that front seat on the away bus, he was a legend in the dressing room and every other club you went to all 'knew' Jimmy Clem. There are so many happy and funny anecdotes about Jimmy, and when he was laughing his laugh was infectious and it didn't matter what you were talking about it always ended in the conversation being about Whitehaven, as though nothing else in the world really mattered. 


         Naturally our condolences go out to Jimmy's family and friends and especially Betty another stalwart of the club, Betty's presence behind the bar on matchdays was also of legendary stuff. Some people are simply a 'one off' and Jimmy Clements - you were that 'one off' at our club and you will never be forgotten by all those who love this club. Years upon years of plain simple devotion. He would always greet me with "..err Rock on Tommy how's things?" well today Jimmy I can tell you they are not so good. 


        My phone has never stopped ringing and messages have been pouring in and the one thing people keep saying is "..oh I loved Jimmy..." R.I.P Jimmy and we will have a fitting memorial when we get back to normal.


                            T.Todd. Pleased to have known you!