New year's message

Dear Fans and sponsors and all those people out there who in one way or another support the club, you are far too numerous for me to list. To say 2020 was a difficult year would be an understatement but now it is past we have to hope that things will steadily improve in society as a whole and not only in sport. Whilst we all want to get back to watching our sport live we must not lose sight of all those who have suffered greatly due to coivid. In 2021 we will at some time have a tribute to all those we have lost during the last nine months or so. My heart goes out to the families and friends of supporters we have seen pass away.

The new season I hope, will fulfil the optimism that seems to be abounding at the club. We are building what promises to be a great squad with talent and experience. Off the field, the proposed alterations to The Purdham Suite will bring its capacity from about 75 up to about 120. The new facilities will include: a catering kitchen, new bar and up to date toilets. It will also be designed to allow both the Purdham Suite and the J.J. Bar to be connected together when needed to provide room for functions of 250+. We are also going to re jig the way in which the outside catering works which for those of you who travel to away games will be based on the Featherstone Rovers type set up. Many of you will have noticed the Junior Club which is going very well and several major events are already at the planning stage for the next twelve months. The new board room will also be open for business after a much needed refit. 

Whilst one can write all the above in a few lines, this does not convey the sheer effort and man hours that go behind all these efforts. The club runs on a skeleton staff of volunteers in the main, and the work they put in is prodigious. I like to take this opportunity at this time of year to personally thank The Board Of Directors for all the work they put in to keep this club healthy. As a group they work so hard and often for little thanks and often needless criticism, but I can assure the fans they all work as hard as they can possibly do, one can ask no more. I am proud to be their Chairman.

            Wishing you all, all the best for this coming year and remember to keep safe and if we do that then the sooner we will see action on The Recreation Ground once more.

                 Best Wishes Tom Todd.