Looking back with trust in haven

Hope you will be joining us for these meet ups 

Whitehaven Rugby League Trust are sending you invitations to  weekly meet ups  for sports fans, especially of the Haven  and Rugby League in general to share their memories of years gone by. We are dedicated to bring older adults together to share their passion – the love of sport!

TIH  recognises that older adults may struggle from isolation, low confidence, dementia or ill-health. With a keen focus to help combat this we use the power of sport to create an atmosphere that can bring happy and good memories through reminiscence.

Using memorabilia, photos, positive recollections from the Clubs archives  or local community clubs we use these tools to start conversations, share memories, provide enjoyment and make new friendships.

We propose to get  together for an informal chat every week  ,where  the sessions are led by you and others who will share talking points to discuss.

These for now will be free session to attend, with no commitment  just attend when you can  

It is planned that we get together every Thursday Afternoon at 1-30 commencing Thursday 4th March 

Currently due to the pandemic sessions are held virtually via the online portal zoom, but once restrictions allow they will become weekly fixtures at set venue

Tih  is always on the lookout for volunteers that could either help facilitate or support the sessions. We’d love to hear from you if you may be interested.

You can register your interest or if you have any queries/ you’d like to supply imagery to be added to the weekly presentation please email Trust in Haven