2019 Home Shirt and Squad Numbers revealed

2019 Home Shirt and Squad Numbers revealed whitehaven.champmodel.dyndns.info

13th January 2019

Whitehaven RL are delighted to unveil the 2019 home shirt exclusively revealed at last nights Season Launch night in the JJMcKeown Bar at the Recreation Ground. 

The home shirt is a modern twist on the club’s traditional colours Chocolate, Blue & Gold. The shirt was very well received amongst the fans at last night’s launch. 

The 2019 squad numbers were also revealed at last nights events and are as follows 

1 Sam Forrerster sponsored by Stan Greaves

2 Jordan Burns sponsored by Jack Wilson

3 Chris Taylor sponsored by Ashley Kilpatrick

4 Jessy Joe Parker sponsored by Thomas & Jessica Holliday

5 Dave Thompson sponsored by Michael Houghton

6 Dion Aiye sponsored by Eric, Barry & Alan

7 Callum Phillips sponsored by Michael Wood

8 Marc Shackley sponsored by Mark Holliday

9 James Newton Sponsored by Preston Audi

10 Kris Coward sponsored by Rose & George Batty

11 Brett Phillips sponsored by Andrew Canavan

12 Jake Moore sponsored by Matthew Stephenson

13 Tom Wilkinson sponsored by Nicola Wilson

14 Sam Dowsett sponsored by Stan Greaves

15 Connor Holliday sponsored by Preston Audi

16 Lewis Brown sponsored by Tommy Johnston 

17 Matthew While sponsored by Barry Wilson

18 Jordan Thomson sponsored by Gavin McKew

19 Andrew Bulman sponsored by Gosforth Taxis

20 Scott McAvoy 

21 Jake Bradley sponsored by Gavin McKew

22 Ruairi McGoff sponsored by Jason Ball

23 Jason Mossop sponsored by James Ball

2019 Home Shirt and Squad Numbers revealed whitehaven.champmodel.dyndns.info